How cold it is at the North Pole? - What you should keep in mind during your holiday the Extreme

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How cold it is at the North Pole?  - What you should keep in mind during your holiday the Extreme

At the North Pole swim huge ice floes.

At the North Pole, it is not as cold as the South Pole

  • Extreme areas researchers have always been interested and so it is no wonder that even the North Pole has been explored. According to Siegfried Czapka was recorded in three different sources of literature that the English Franciscan Nichole of Lymne the North Pole should have already traveled 1360th However, it is not clear what latitudes he reached. He probably reached Greenland.
  • Others reportedly the American explorer Robert E. Peary in 1909 should, therefore, before the polar explorer Frederick Cook, who will have been at the North Pole by its own account in 1908, have reached this extreme territory. To date, it is unclear who researched by these two, Peary or Cook, the North Pole first. but according to the traditions of the Greek merchant and explorer Pytheas of Massilia must (330 v. Chr.) from the North Pole have known. How cold it is there, it will have certain though only suspected.
  • As at the South Pole, the longitude lines intersect at the North Pole. More tangible monumental natural phenomena do not exist, however. The north pole is located in the Arctic Ocean, also known as the Arctic Ocean and there are basically only a visionary point because the sea is more than 4,000 meters deep. As at the South Pole, scientists divide also the North Pole in the geographic pole (northern point), Arctic magnetic pole (magnetic field lines / magnetic south pole), Arctic geomagnetic pole (theoretical pole / earth's magnetic field) and the North Pole of Inaccessibility (coast most distant point).
  • To answer the question of how cold it is at the North Pole, you can follow Bernhard Mühr, the meteorologist and climate researcher at the same institute Karlsruhe: The north pole is warmer than the South Pole. During mid-year at the North Pole 15 - can be measured 20 degrees below zero, the air is at the South Pole at 40 - 60 degrees. is a result of the difference by the respective altitude. The North Pole is the imaginary point in the ice-covered ocean at sea level, while the south pole protrudes about 3000 m from the Antarctic continent. The ice of the North Pole are borne by the Arctic Ocean, so mild air masses and light North Atlantic currents sometimes can even provide a temperature around 0 degrees.

Planning for Extreme Vacations

  • If you want to go on a North Pole expedition, you are on the Internet certainly find suitable travel company. Look under "Polar Travel", "North Pole Travel" or "North Pole Extreme Travel" by and take your pick from among the offers that suits you out. Many companies offer such extreme travel on this.
  • Be aware, however, that such an undertaking will be very exhausting and you need to take cold and inconveniences. Some tours start over Finland, other than Russia. The deals often include not only "icebreaker cruises" and "small plane tours" still small instruction in navigation and meteorology.
  • It is worth such an extreme vacation sure - but also correspondingly expensive. Worry you can not buy later for a good quality, because you are at the North Pole. Robust, warm clothing, especially waterproof, you will need. Gore-Tex clothing because quite well. Polar suits are very expensive and z. T. offer travel companies some polar suits on loan. Since you, so layers, should get dressed in of onion, also Microfibre clothing is breathable. Also Provide sturdy footwear.
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