"How cuddles best?" - How to do a romantic evening

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"How cuddles best?"  - How to do a romantic evening

enjoy togetherness and give security.

The atmosphere must be right - snuggled under blankets

The weekend is coming up and you have with your partner actually nothing unusual before, because it is once again time to enjoy the togetherness. You want to surprise your partner with a nice quiet romantic evening on which much is to be cuddled.

  • Peace and time are two important components of such a beautiful and quiet evening alone. therefore turn off all possible sources of interference such. B. from mobile.
  • Try not to think about everyday life, but you can relax and concentrate fully on your partner.
  • Important for such a romantic evening, it is also not to screw the expectations all too high, because this could be misunderstood and also exert pressure.
  • Snuggled is best on the sofa. Build a large lawn with plenty of bedding.
  • Preheat the area well, so it is not you and your partner too cold.
  • Run in the background softly romantic and quiet music. A beautiful and varied music you can reach z. B. with a soft rock CD.
  • Set up candles and turn large light sources. Candles appear romantic and relaxing.
  • A nice idea to make the evening perfect herald it, if you take above with your partner a hot bubble bath is. Even in the bathroom, you should create a beautiful tranquil atmosphere with candles and rose petals possible.
  • After hot bubble wander best directly to the cozy lawn. Nude and curled up in warm blankets, however, it is the most beautiful and intense.
  • Ask yourself and your partner a glass of champagne ready. A small side dish of fresh strawberries or even a small chocolate fondue also acts very erotic.
  • Let it all hang both your soul and surprise your partner with perhaps a small body massage. Massages are always romantic and you will notice how it suddenly starts to crackle.
  • Another nice idea for such an evening is to watch a DVD. Snuggled under blankets, the partners in the arm and a beautiful romantic love story affects mostly wonderful.

exchange caresses - so you cuddles best

  • The most important thing that should be both persons in cuddly mood. It does not help if one of them has to force himself. If this is the case, do not take it on the wrong, not everyone can be from now on equal in cuddly mood.
  • to be curled up with your partner under a blanket, radiates security. Because skin are skin and feel the breath and the warmth of the other's security.
  • Important cuddling it is to be always sensitive.
  • Hug your partner lovingly. A beautiful intense and honest embrace is something beautiful for everyone. it belongs to cuddle definitely cause you are with your partner, arm in arm.
  • Whisper your partner caresses the ear that lifts the mood and is very erotic. But you remain cautious, because it could be understood quickly wrong.
  • Many people means more cuddling like sex. Pay attention to clear signals of your partner, otherwise the romantic evening could be over quickly.
  • Stroking your partner affectionate to the arms and press it gently in. Ensure that the Streicheleien are slowly and quietly, another could be misunderstood.
  • to scratch the head, the hair and the neck is super nice and belongs to cuddle it.
  • However, it is also very relaxing and enjoyable, just with his partner arm to lie in arm and no exchange caresses. The breath and the warmth of the other to feel enough sometimes from already, since one does not need a big fanfare.
  • Also important is always the respect of others.
  • Beautiful intimate warm kisses belong and should be. Curled up, it can be also the best kisses. You should pay attention to your breath smell. A good tip for cuddling, therefore, is always to breathe through the nose.
  • In addition, it is beautiful to feel the hands of others. Play lightly and gently with your hands of your partner.

"How cuddles best?" - The answer to this question depends on the person. Everyone snuggles right in his own way. But with these suggestions for a perfect and romantic evening can not go wrong really.

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