How do I describe the best of my strengths and weaknesses during the interview?

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How do I describe the best of my strengths and weaknesses during the interview?

In an interview, you should be able to convey your strengths and your weaknesses.

In almost every interview, sooner or later comes to the question of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. Since this is one of the central points of the discussion and past professional activities can score as a candidate by a confident and critical reflection of your personality and (if any), it is worthwhile to give some thought about this issue in advance of the call.

Questioning yourself to find out your strengths and weaknesses

  • What qualities do you characterize as a person?
  • What activities you do? How do you have fun on the job?
  • What are your goals both professionally and personally?
  • Can you work well or work rather alone in the team?

Ask others for their opinions and match it with your own.

  • Where there is overlap?
  • Where discrepancies can be observed?
  • Have you perhaps completely misjudged?
  • This quickly gives a comprehensive picture. Your focus should be on your strengths, after all, you want to sell well. not Specify, but be confident. Do not count just slogans such as load capacity or good teamwork on but link them with experiences or achievements of your (professional) life. Describe your counterpart in this case of a successful project in your last job that you have mastered under tremendous time pressure in cooperation with your colleagues.
  • Try to turn perceived weaknesses into strengths! Have until now can collect little work experience, so you burn formally before thirst and wish to familiarize themselves quickly and driving performance. Are you perhaps a morning person, so you are but disciplined and on time every day and after a cup of coffee on the height.
  • Be aware of your weaknesses aware and bring it on their own initiative to language. While obviously some weaknesses disqualify you immediately ( "I'll get angry at criticism and throw with office supplies to me"), you can also make sympathetic "normal" weaknesses. Maybe you can, like many others, difficult to remember names or have a catastrophic sense of direction. (But be careful, this would be devastating for some professions.)

Another common word for interviews: Be aware that you have already cleared the first hurdle, you have been invited to a personal interview. When you give, of course, not be adjusted, even this obstacle should be overcome.

call the interview strengths and weaknesses sent

  • At first, you probably think that your strengths greater interest will be met with as your weaknesses. but make no mistake there. to convey weakness beneficial, so they will give you actually not charged as weaknesses, is the fine art in the interview.
  • First, however, the lighter part, your strengths. Definitely you think of two or three properties, the other praise to you or that you know yourself that you therein are particularly good. That may be his abilities to organize well, for example, but also pure character traits such as ambition or reliability.
  • Lie down before your interview three to four strengths internally manage, and formulate for itself in complete sentences. For example: "My way of working is characterized by absolute reliability and independence." Then bring your strengths in an order. Remember that the former and latter strength is likely to be given to most hearing. Accordingly, you should place your two main strengths that.
  • The question of your weaknesses in the job interview is tricky. Each recruiter, every boss knows, of course, that the applicants do not like to talk about his weaknesses. You eventually want so let the job and to appear in a good light. Nevertheless, you must answer this question for weaknesses in the interview already.
  • As for the rest of the interview also here: Be authentic, but diplomatically. That you have sometimes absolutely not feel like work, krankfeiern ever or like to gossip about colleagues, no one has to know. Think about someplace charming, humorous. For example, you could not live without chocolate.
  • Whatever is in order: indicate weaknesses in the interview, which are actually not. However, you will not be the first person who wants to sell his ambition or his perfectionism as little weakness, and the boss and the HR managers are just as good as you know that this is just a pre-defined cope weakness. Not bad, but not very authentic.
  • Refrain mention weaknesses that are incompatible with the job posting. Apply for example for a communication professional, your weakness should not be to prefer to work independently and outside of the team.

points in the interview

  • If you are invited for an interview, you should introduce yourself in the interview situation fundamentally accessible and open. Therefore also be sure your body language that determines much about your sympathy. not fold arms in front of the body and sit upright. Always look your interviewer in the eye.
  • Soak the questions not but answer unpleasant questions. You can calm briefly on the questions, and then bring in a further, positive aspect in the conversation.
  • If you are asked for your weaknesses and strengths, it makes no sense, no weaknesses or specify only those who are professionally irrelevant. HR know this scam and will keep your answer for implausible.

Work on your weaknesses

  • You need and can not be a hero in all. It is important first of all to accept this fact. Nevertheless, it can be quite helpful to have many things and idea to improve in his weaknesses. Rename this but once and think about where it makes the most sense to do something.
  • Strengths compensate for weaknesses. But if you have the impression that your weaknesses outweigh, then comes your personality in an imbalance and that can have psychological consequences. Dissatisfaction with himself influenced your feelings and ultimately your behavior negatively. Work on yourself and never give up. Few things are not learned.
  • If self-confidence and positive thinking accompany all learning processes, you have much greater chance of success. Pessimism and lethargy block any opportunity to improve. Your thoughts are so important. Check out more in this regard. Minimize as your weaknesses and develop your strengths in order to be successful and happy.

Always remember: The new employer, you want to know, do not check your character. You are at the interview in any interrogation, take it easy!

Other Author: Felicitas Schmidt, Anna-Maria Schuster, Sonja Huysecom

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