How do I find out the value of materials?

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How do I find out the value of materials?

The value is important for experiments.

The quality of materials belongs to the field of chemistry. You need this information for creating formulas, but also for experimentation. The further your skills have advanced in chemistry, the more important is the value. It is also called valence.

read out the valence of substances

How do I find out the value of the elements? If you need to find in chemistry class or any other reason the value of an item, you can do so using the Periodic Table of Elements. This can be found in each panel factory.

  1. Locate the item in the periodic table. Important for the quality of materials is the column in which they stand. Each column is assigned a Roman numeral. These can be found at the top.
  2. Among these are elements that have multiple valences. The main value can be read in the column. If you want to find out whether there are other significances for the substance, you have to in the periodic table of weights.

Find the value of materials in the periodic table

The value is specified with Roman I through XIII Roman.

  • It is important that you read the value correctly and pay particular attention to the elements that have multiple valences. The elements are not in multiple columns, but other denominations are among the main value.
  • If you have learned even know where you read this correctly, you can be sure that you use the correct value in experiments and calculations. Busy yourself therefore solve intensively with the value, then you can see the task "find the value of an element out" without any problems.
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