How do I get blackheads away? - So it'll work without artificial sweeteners

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How do I get blackheads away?  - So it'll work without artificial sweeteners

Combat comedones with home remedies.

Who once, it is so easy to get rid again not - we're talking about blackheads. So annoying, like the so-called "comedones" also are, it is not impossible to get these back away. but not Catch with chemical agents to, because the spurious substances will do your skin no good. Find out in this guide how blackheads are formed and how specifically can provide remedy itself.

That's how the impurities

  • Daily the body produces sebum. People with fat-moist skin condition see this on glitter on face.
  • If the fat is not removed regularly, the sebum accumulates at the opening of a pore and hardens in this. Through the hardened sebum that appears yellowish brown. In face, you watch the various points - as it were, the view from above of the pores.
  • Most often the impurities formed on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

To get the blackheads away quickly

  • A good remedy gives the daily washing of the face with lukewarm water.
  • Press the pores in no case with bare nails - it can lead to inflammation.
  • In summer you can lie in the sun. The heat dries your face out of a little, so that the excessive fat disappears. However, you should not be too long, the dip in the warm rays without a sunscreen.
  • Try it once with a face mask. Mix in a bowl about four large tablespoons of cottage cheese with a tablespoon of salt. Swipe the screen - preferably with a brush - in the face. Now wait about twenty minutes and rinse the curds with warm water thoroughly.
  • A steam bath - you cook on some water and pour it into a bowl. Put a towel on the neck and over the head and then keep the face in the warm water vapor. The steam will open your pores. Dry your skin now by blotting with a towel or a paper towel.

If you are once again faced with the question of which means you can get away blackheads, try the above methods. Every skin reacts to the treatment options differently, so that the effects are not at all people are equal.

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