How do I get to Emo?

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How do I get to Emo?

made Emo Styling itself.

There is a new youth culture that Emoszene. Of course, many want to swim on this wave, but how do you become an emo?

How are you going to Emo

  • If you start at the top, how to be an emo, you best to start with the hair, it should be black, also occasionally blond or brown, but predominantly black.
  • For boys, the hair on the neck should be relatively short, and often carry the Emoboys sideburns (but not a must), then comes the most important, the Pony. He is long and mostly falls in the face. This pony often obscured one or both eyes.
  • If girls want to know how to be an emo, things look a bit different - they wear their hair even black, but they combine as Emo these colors often with other colors such as pink or red (Highlights). But for girls it is important as Emo, bangs long and wearing face falling.
  • The Emogirls use plus hair accessories such as headbands or hair ties, which are decorated with special patterns such as skulls, dice, dots or cherries.
  • The face must of course be embellished as Emo, this is done by the liberal application of eyeliner. This is used by both sexes. With the Eye, the eye is once surrounded, so that it looks bleak.
  • When clothing is not much difference between the sexes is made. Important are here, if you want to be the picture tube pants that fit closely but are worn mostly lower for boys (why it looks sometimes as if they had no ass in the pants).
  • The shirt should fit snugly, the clothes of Emos often black but can also have spots of color, such as pink or red.
  • When clothing is it if you want to be Emo, often that deliberately contrasts are combined, such as skulls with cute pink details.
  • Other emotypische symbols are as pistols, butterflies, tears (often also painted face), roses or Tribals.
  • If you're wondering how to become a picture, the shoes are very important. Most wear Chucks Emos or vans that are color coordinated with the clothing.
  • Widely used are also black painted fingernails at Emos.
  • Music is a matter of taste, but there are some bands that are counted for Emolifestyle, including Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, My Chemical Romance or Panic! at the Disco.
  • Formerly an Emo someone who deals with social, political and interpersonal themes, but this too has changed over time.
  • Emos are known for feelings such as sadness or despair, which is understandable, because the name Emo comes from the word emotional. Her appearance should therefore be an expression of its interior, in most cases, the melancholy I.
  • So when you have sensitive Emo, be melancholy and somewhat introverted to link his appearance with the interior.
  • Emos often vacillate between despair and love and share the love with other people, be it through poetry, lyrics or videos / photos, which are then uploaded to social networks, so that the whole world participates in their pain.

These are some suggestions on how to be an emo but each Emogruppe is different in its external and internal form, therefore one must always be careful to match the particular group!

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