How do I make Hollywood curls? - To manage the look of Sarah Jessica Parker

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How do I make Hollywood curls?  - To manage the look of Sarah Jessica Parker

Smooth hair need not always be.

Preparations for the Hollywood-curls

  • You should first of all know how Hollywood curls are the easiest to make. For that you should wash your hair the day before thoroughly, but do not use a conditioner that complains your hair or makes extremely smooth. In less than freshly washed hair, the hairstyle keeps better and hangs not the same again.
  • You should also get high-quality styling products. This will give your hair the finishing touches. The best source for this is a hair salon. You will receive a heat protection spray to keep your hair will not get too strained by the curling iron and flat iron. You can also can provide for strengthening your hair a hair spray and special curling foam.

To make your hair beautiful

  1. Enter to start the heat protection spray in your hair, so that they do not suffer too much under the influence of heat. Let Meanwhile heat the curler.
  2. Now comb your hair thoroughly and divide the front strand on one side. These wrap around the curling iron so that the curls begin just above the height of your ears. Wait a few seconds and then release the curler from the hair, to proceed to the next strand can.
  3. Whenever you are done on a hair strand with the Make the Hollywood curls, scrunch curls once some foam in the hair. So you can have the Hollywood-curls even more intense.
  4. When you are done with your entire hair, you can refine the hairstyle with hairspray to keep it you get very long. If you do not have a curling iron, you can also use a flat iron instead. However, it requires a bit of practice until the curls thus look equally good.
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