How do I measure my ring size? - instructions

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How do I measure my ring size?  - instructions

An easy way to measure the ring size. Templar Master / Pixelio

Measure correctly the finger circumference Before shipping trade ring purchase

  • Whoever purchases a ring in retail stores, has there always the possibility aufzustecken him to determine therefore whether and how it fits. A measure your ring size has characterized itself done all by itself. Sometimes you want to buy by mail a ring, you should already know your exact measurements to risk a bad buy here. This could allow an in advance, due to the low price, that were assessed as absolute godsend ring purchase to be a quite a letdown when you need to realize, then, that your newly purchased piece of jewelry you unfortunately is too small.
  • If you want to keep your finger jewelry anyway, even if he has the wrong ring size, there is the possibility to leave him at the jeweler wide, which in turn is related to costs that can the previous low price more than qualified. The best way would be to measure from the outset his ring size and not to rely on extent to which we think we can remember dare. Even if you can rely on your memory, these measurements have long no longer reflects the actual ring size of your respective fingers.

To determine your current ring size

  1. Cut a thin strip of cardboard so justly that it has the width of a ring in about and having a length of about 15 cm.
  2. Wrap this strip now at that point where the ring is to be worn later, around the finger.
  3. Once you have determined the right level - the strips must not be too tight and not fit loosely to the finger - you fix the cardboard strip with tape and pull the now generated ring carefully from the finger. Check this again if the cardboard ring has the right size, otherwise you must still make corrections.
  4. With a utility knife, cut the now visible from the inside of Papprings edge along to remove in this way the unimportant to ring size determination part.
  5. Now remove the tape from the now lie ahead cardboard strip and measure with a ruler now its length. The result gives you now on your peripheral Ring size.
  6. Since rings in two size specifications can be offered, for a in you now known size of the scale and the other in the indication of the diameter, you need to find the diameter of your ideal ring now still. Share Simply the measured circumference by pi (3.1415 ...) as a result is the inner diameter, which a well-fitting ring with you must have.
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