"How do you make a pie chart?" - It is thus possible

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"How do you make a pie chart?"  - It is thus possible

Prepare a chart. Stephanie Hofschlaeger / Pixelio

So a pie chart is prepared

The following procedure is explained using an example, how to make a pie chart.

  • Use of a pie chart can be very nice to show how to split proportions. This led us in every election anew on television in mind. In the elections percentages are converted, and then presented as a piece in a round cake, the whole round cake makes always 100%.
  • So you should consider it if you want to record z. B. the class president election in a pie chart. You have a total of three candidates. The three candidates will divide the cake of your pie chart, however. The decisive factor is, who can unite the most votes cast. You mean in your class are 50 people, these 50 persons can therefore vote, and if everyone receives, 100% votes are submitted.
  • Then is counted as candidate 1 only 10 votes Candidate 2 has 15 votes and candidate 3 has been able to unite the remaining 25 votes. Now you can calculate the percentages of each candidate using a simple rule of three.

How to do the conversion

  • If you want to know how to make a pie chart, you should be extra careful. You now have available the individual percentages. They read Candidate 1 has 20%, Candidate 2 has 30% and 3 candidate has 50% of the votes obtained by the whole class.
  • Please take a compass and draw a circle. This circle has 360 degrees, so if you are eager to create a pie chart, it means you need in the county implement the percentages in degrees. Start dates for candidate 3 that he has 50% gets so therefore half of the cake. Share. So with a straight line through the center of your cake into two parts In one half write candidate 3 and write 50% behind.
  • The other half ie 180 degrees sharing now so on Candidate 2 is replaced by 108 degrees so 30% of your district and the remaining 72 degrees or 20% are left for candidate. 1 If you have really paying attention, you now know how to make a pie chart.

You should back up your pie chart in different colors.

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