"How do you measure the head circumference?" - How it works

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"How do you measure the head circumference?"  - How it works

Use the measuring tape to determine the head circumference.

You want a hat or similar order or even make yourself? Then you definitely need your head circumference. Only by using the site measurements you later receive a perfectly fitting headgear. Learn how to measure the head circumference with a tape measure.

Calculate head circumference with a tape measure

  • The tape is a flexible tape made of a synthetic fabric, on the - the centimeters are marked - as on a ruler.
  • Unlike a ruler, it is easy to bend, allowing you also to capture the curves of the head when measuring.
  • Due to its characteristics, the tape is always required when it comes to gauge body measurements such as waist circumference, waist or the like. So if you want to know how much centimeter measures your hip, you can create the tape at the appropriate point.
  • After use, can the band easily rolled up and neatly stowed away in a drawer.

So to measure the head circumference

  1. Obtain a tape measure.
  2. The head circumference is measured where later the hat, the hat or headband should sit - usually this is the widest part of the head. Take a special care at the beginning of the measuring tape in the center of the forehead and hold it there firmly with a finger.
  3. Then run around the band around the back of the head where it should run on the widest point of the head. This stop is usually a few centimeters above the neck.
  4. Once you are back at your starting point at the end, you can now read your head circumference where the tape measure meets the centimeter 0 from the beginning.

I wish you success!

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