How does the act of swallowing?

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How does the act of swallowing?

The act of swallowing is very complex and it must work many muscles.

The act of swallowing is important to be able accommodate for all living things for food and liquid. This is a very complex process because the body must also ensure that no liquid gets into the lungs. But how exactly does it work?

How the Swallow

  • The act of swallowing is beginning an arbitrary activity of the body. It is caused by irritation of the tongue, when, for example, saliva in the mouth. At the latest, when the act of swallowing is then already prepared and to swallow start, it passes into an involuntary response. You then can not stop him.
  • Alone in this one operation 26 pairs of muscles are involved, which are led by swallowing center in the brainstem. In addition there are 5 pairs of cranial nerves that help with this.
  • Swallowing is divided into 4 phases. The oral preparatory phase, oral transport phase, pharyngeal phase transport and oesophageal transport phase.
  • In oral preparatory phase the food is first crushed and the brain gets the information that it gets equal to swallow something. In oral transport phase, the muscles begin to work, they push the chyme to the throat and the tongue base receives the information that it is now so far. As long as the slurry is not too far back in the throat, you can control swallowing yet, at the latest, but if he is too far back, swallow automatically.
  • In the pharyngeal phase transport the slurry is already behind the throat. The muscles tense in to transport the slurry down the soft palate tenses so that the slurry does not fall into the upper airways, the vocal cords close. Larynx and hyoid bone stand out, causing the airways are doubly terminated.
  • When esophageal transport phase, the Cardi opens, so that the slurry can slip into the stomach. This process would also work in the headstand, so your food slips definitely in the stomach and not back into the mouth.

Disturbances during swallowing

  • There are diseases that can cause a disorder of swallowing is, for example, diphtheria or after a stroke. In this case, the individual parts work together no longer sure what to stir to the fact that the saliva gets into the lungs due to a lack of closure.
  • With a speech therapy can resolve this problem sometimes, the patient then gets a swallowing therapy. Often, however, one can not do anything, then the saliva must be purged regularly.
  • The big problem is that fluid in the lungs lead to pneumonia, and thus can be fatal. This happens mostly in people after a stroke, in which the problem of swallowing is detected too late.

As the swallowing function, is actually quite simple. However, it is hard to imagine that so many muscles have to work together synchronously.

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