How high depends a dartboard? - To play according to official tournament rules

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How high depends a dartboard?  - To play according to official tournament rules

Darts - popular with young and old.

What to install the board

  • When Dart there are countless variations. But the best-known and most popular is Dart 302 or five hundred and first
  • How high depends a dartboard according to these rules? The dartboard hangs must be mounted in both the E-Dart (ElektronicDart) and the Dart at an altitude 1.72 m and. is measured by the middle of the bullseye.
  • The throw distance is 2.44 m at 2.37 m and Softdart at Steeldart. To the sides are required by rules of DEDSV (German electronics Dart Sport Association) be mindestes 90 cm square, and between 2 dartboards even 1,80 m.
  • Players should behind the throwing line still have a clearance of about 1.25 m.

If the board is dependent - the tournament rules

  • A distinction is at play at the dartboard between Steeldart and Softdart. Softdarts hold a plastic tip and steel darts a peak of aluminum or metal.
  • The Dartregeln for 301/501 state that is counted by 301 or 501 down. Each player gets 3 darts that he can play before the next player to the train.
  • Each game will end precisely, that is, one still has 10 points and meets 11 points, one must only in the new round try the 10 open points to be made. This may, however, be taken by two times 5.
  • To exit the Double field must be taken, this forms the outer ring small.
  • Another way to end a game, there are at Master and Double Out, in these scenarios is considered a toss who leaves a score from the remaining points left to be invalid and is discarded.

Fit on the dart board - the game variants

  1. Straight Out - to exit may be taken any field
  2. Master Out - plays like Double Out, but additionally must a game but also be terminated with a throw in a triple box.
  3. Double Out - to terminate must be made the Double Out field.
  4. Double In - same game like Double Out, however, needs to be made here at the beginning of the game, a double box. It was not until then count the points thrown.
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