How is a stone?

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How is a stone?

Probably the hardest stone is the diamond.

Find out more about how a stone arises

  • The word stone is in the proper sense only an umbrella term, but usually it means by that the detached fragments of a rock. This arises in the course of the earth by the tectonic shift of tectonic plates or by volcanic origin.
  • Different sizes of stones have their own sub-term. It specifies, for example, that rocks parts is called with a size of less than 2 millimeters as sand. Stones that are larger than 20 cm are referred to as block.
  • Then there are the gems, also called gemstones. Whereby it among which are that have no mineral background. The best example is the Bernstein, he carries the word Stone in its name, but it is caused by tree sap, making organic origin.

Details on interesting stones

  • One of the most frequently used of the mass seen stone is of granite. This is a plutonic rock, which can be found usually at a depth of at least 2 km below the earth. Granite is formed by the solidification liquid magma in the earth's crust. The various colorations obtained this rock by the other minerals which entrains it in its flow path.
  • Probably the hardest and in women the favorite stone is the diamond, his creative process and its rarity make it usually also the most expensive. Diamonds arise high temperatures of up to 1500 degrees Celsius. Furthermore therefore require a very high pressure diamonds occur they are usually in about 150 kilometers below the earth. Diamonds pass through volcanic eruptions on the Earth's surface, due to the rarity of volcanic eruptions, the diamonds are also rare.
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