How long are greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?

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How long are greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?

The greenhouse gases remain for a long time in the atmosphere.

These greenhouse gases are in the atmosphere

  • Since the beginning of industrial development, so since around the late 19th century, in the atmosphere have the gases CO 2 (carbon dioxide) by 37%, increased CH 4 (methane) by 172% and N 2 O (nitrous oxide) by 18% , Prior to the concentration of the gases always remained about the same. In addition, today there are gases in the atmosphere, which did not exist in the pre-industrial era, such as CFC-12th
  • These gases have a different global warming potential, ie, they contribute in varying degrees to global warming. As a comparative value CO 2 is taken, the CO 2 equivalent is 1. Methane is 25 times as much nitrous oxide 298 times as much, and CFC-12 5,200 times as much to atmospheric warming.

The greenhouse gases remain different lengths in the air.

the gases remain in the atmosphere as long

  • Previous studies have assumed that CO 2 would have escaped after 200 years from the atmosphere. According to recent findings, it looks like this: If today 100 g CO 2 are passed into the air, then half of it will be gone in 30 years, after several hundred years further 30% will be escaped. There then are thus still 20 g of the 100 g available that are no longer present after a few thousand years. So, even if from now on no more carbon dioxide would be produced, the existing gas would affect the climate even after several thousand years.
  • Methane, however, is relatively unproblematic in the long-term effect, because it has disappeared after about 12 years. Also nitrous oxide and even CFC-12 are rather considered safe in the long term, because the gases have disappeared after about 100 years.

You see, it depends on the gas when it comes to how long the greenhouse atmosphere will weigh. Carbon dioxide will remain very long.

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