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How long is beer keep?  - About Your Drink

Beer You should never store in the sun. Rolf_Handke / Pixelio

Different factors affect how long beer is preserved

  • Beer is, like any other foods, limited shelf life. But how long beer keep? In the stability of the beer you need to consider a few things.
  • The different types of beer, a distinction in the production in house beer and filtered and briefly heated beer.
  • The house beer is natural, made without chemical additives and flavorings. Therefore, only up to nine months of this beer if they buy it, tough. This is a very long time, but does not mean that it is bad then. This difference between the two production processes is important for you as a consumer. How long is so then beer keep? It is also crucial correct storage.

How to store beer best

  • Pasteurized beer, may even be durable nor said minimum durability date.
  • But you will need to consider how to store the beer. Preferably use it when storing the beer bottles in a dark cool place.
  • Unfiltered and unpasteurized beers, although they stand in a cool place, begin to flake. If the beer begins to be deposited in this form, you will see white small flakes, which are in the bottle. Then you can and should drink the beer definitely not more.
  • Protect. The beer even against strong sunlight Because it can happen that the drink is no longer to enjoy even before the actual expiration date.
  • Should you prefer Hefeweizen, you must note that storing the beer, prior to the actual consumption, lying. This storage can be the yeast contained in beer, better distributed in the bottle.
  • The respective expiration date, you find beer on each bottle, is only a benchmark against which you can orient yourself as a consumer. But it does not mean that the beer is already bad, if this date is exceeded.
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