How long wearing elephant?

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How long wearing elephant?

Baby elephants are quite big. joakant / Pixelio

Therefore Mammals carry out different

Just as the breeding season may differ long, also carry their babies mammals differentiated from long. This has inter alia the following reasons:

  • Man can deliver his baby relatively short because the person is no longer living in the wilderness. Thus, he can take the risk that his child dependent is born.
  • Other genera must bring their offspring developed in the world, since it is necessary that it can run after a few hours. Otherwise, the mother would be delivered unprotected with their offspring their enemies.
  • Comparing all wearing times together, then it can be said that the gestation period is longer, the more developed a baby animal is born. Of course, can play a role other reasons.

Worth knowing about the elephant

  • The cycle of an elephant lasts three to four months, which automatically leads to the fact that they can only be covered three to four times per year. Should it then come to a fertilization of the egg, then grows not only a corpus luteum, but up to six of these hormone-producing commercial varieties.
  • It is also alleged by the scientists that the metabolism of elephants running slower. Also the growth of large animals take longer.
  • Another reason for the long gestation of wildlife could be that the newborn must run, immediately with the herd. For this, it must be able to hold on to the tail of his mother with his trunk. To this, the foal must be formed very far.

So long the pregnancy

  • In order for a baby elephant can be large and also develop the brain accordingly, a long pregnancy is needed. For this reason, wearing elephant on average for 22 months out of her baby.
  • Given the fact that an elephant comes with a weight between 100 and 150 kilograms to the world, this long gestation period seems justified. Perhaps also lies the reason why an elephant can be so rare pregnant, so they will not be overloaded.
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