How many books Brigitte Blobel wrote?

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How many books Brigitte Blobel wrote?

Brigitte Blobel writes mainly young people's books.

This author is a real "Hamburger Deern", but grew up in Schleswig-Holstein and now lives in Hamburg and on Mallorca. There she operates a farm and provides, for example, their own olive oil here.

Worth knowing about Brigitte Blobel

  • Her first literary experiences collected the author during their studies, which they financed by writing BRAVO novels.
  • Even as a journalist, the author was active. The written of her features appear inter alia the star, the GEO or example Merian.
  • Until now they published annually several titles across various genres, in addition to children's books and novels and screenplays.

At the 100 title, the author wrote

  • Particularly well known is the author for their children's books. By 2010, appeared from her pen no less than 60 volumes. Also can be reported not less 16 novels and 13 screenplays by the year of 2007.
  • Not to be counted are novels that are published in series such as "Jette and Cute" or "Neues vom Süderhof". Such titles are often written under a pseudonym, so that the author or the author is not always visible.
  • The author still likes to create stories and portrays the problems of young people very lifelike. Also from difficult subjects such as abuse in "Dunkeles silence" or self-harm in "red lines" it does not shrink.
  • The title will appear at various publishers, including Random House, Ravensburger or the Arena-Verlag.

The author also wrote many screenplays

  • "People Pia!" is a well-known youth series that ran on ZDF 1996th In addition to popular actors such as Henry Hübchen and Nina Hoger the young Alexandra Maria Lara played the lead and convinced their audience. This scenario - and also the following - Brigitte Blobel wrote.
  • The author wrote the first episode of the television series "Dream Hotel", which was filmed in Thailand, among others, Helmut Weinzierl and Saskia Valencia.
  • "The last Patriarch" is a two-part television from 2010, many renowned actors like Mario Adorf, Hannelore Elsner and Ursula Karven stood for the front of the camera.

How many titles Brigitte Blobel total written, knows only the author herself. One thing is certain, the number continues to grow, because every year to see new volumes from the pen of this industrious author. (Stand 06/2013)

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