How many clubs does Berlin? - Overview

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How many clubs does Berlin?  - Overview

The party scene in the capital - varied and colorful

What clubs and how many has Berlin?

  • An exact number has never existed and it certainly will never exist. Many clubs are both opened and closed quickly and easily passed only locally.
  • Of course you can find in downtown Berlin more clubs than in the outskirts.
  • Particularly noteworthy is the sometimes known Kreuzberg district, but also in the districts of Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain are the nights - and days - long.
  • On the Internet, numerous party Guides to find Berlin club scene with detailed information and addresses.

On clubbing - from one party to the next Berlin

  • Get out of the Sage Club (Trash & Glamour), into the vault (Techno) and nightcap into M√§dcheninternat (electric & Hip Hop).
  • Or rather something overdressed in the decadent infamous Adagio (Edel Disco) at Potsdamer Platz?
  • You get hungry, but do not want to do without music? Great, then you are in good hands in the White Trash Fast Food, because it has much to offer. Besides delicacies from around the world is even served on the live tray you best rock.

No matter where you go, the Berlin club scene has for every musical taste definitely the right one and offers many possibilities for entertainment.

Insider or just spectators?

  • Berlin is large and reinvents itself again and again. This also means that there are many and short set-parties at different locations repeatedly. Seldom is a party twice in the same place.
  • The Party Portal Clubguide informs on its homepage about current celebrations, linings of party venues and shows you which district how many and which clubs have.
  • Do you prefer the written word, as googling through various internet portals? Then the book 'Indie Travel Guide' days is noble: Rockbuch right for you. Here are locals, but also had moved musicians play their favorite memories and show you their favorite places.
  • But the best tip is this: Mingle with the people. Go to the club, the disco or pub that is your hotel, your pension or vacation apartment next.
  • You will be surprised how many clubs and discos Berlin, which you can visit in the coming years.

Even if you are no night owl, you can not miss the fun. For any club in this colorful city is always open. You only need to decide whether you are the indie rock type, or at least are more likely to dance music or techno shed from swaying.

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