How many frogs croak?

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How many frogs croak?

Frogs croak always the mating season.

As long as the frogs are ready to mate, they croak also.

The croaking of frogs

  • Starting at the spring you can in some areas hear the croaking of frogs. Primarily, males contribute to this noise, because it is they call so loudly and long. but by the croaking they make not only the females attention and try to lure them, but show other frogs also simultaneously, where their territory is.
  • They make loud noises so that many people feel harassed them. If you can hear a chorus of frogs, then this up to 90 decibels, according to his, which she carried her singing make more noise than a jackhammer.

So long is the mating season

  • Among them there are so-called early spawners, such as the Spring frogs, whose mating season begins in February. Even the common frog and the common toad croaking in the spring.
  • Water frogs, however start pairing from April or May. Then you have the opportunity to listen to this call on different waters. Often there are large flocks of animals, all of which call wildly, so it can be very noisy at times.
  • This mating season is relatively long and can last until late August, the Call gradually becomes less and less until they finally fall silent until the next spring.

Frogs communicate through sounds

  • Frogs croaking use the well for general communication. So they can by their call other male conspecifics warn and keep away. Each frog makes up other sounds, so in addition to the croaking also trilling noises are heard from the toad.
  • There are also so-called liberation calls. This pushes the male from whenever it is accidentally grasped by another male.
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