How many people live in Spain? - Find out more about the country

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How many people live in Spain?  - Find out more about the country

Spanish food tastes wonderful.

Find out more about Spain

  • In Spain there are several regions with different languages ​​and cultures. Particularly well known are the Basque Country and Catalonia. In all parts of Spain but is also normal Spanish, speaking the so-called castellano. In many institutions and companies, however, the regional language setting condition.
  • Especially popular are in Spain the Costa Blanca, the Costa Brava and the Costa del Sol. There, the tourists make especially happy holiday. Also popular are the Spanish food and the mentality.
  • People stand later on, go to bed later and often sleep a siesta. General life in Spain is very relaxed. Known dishes include the paella, croquetas or tortilla, all of which are very rich, but very tasty.

Has Spain many inhabitants?

  • Spain has about 47 million inhabitants, the number from year to year increases sharply. In this respect, Spain stands out from other European countries where the populations still continue to fall.
  • As in Spain only a few regions are economically highly developed, people settle mainly there. About 70 percent of the population, therefore, live on the coasts and in major cities such as Barcelona and Madrid. As in most developed countries, life expectancy in Spain is very high, while the birth rates drop dramatically.
  • What is the population of Spain has exactly one can not say for sure, because at least 100,000 illegal immigrants in the country are. With about 10 percent of the foreign population in Spain is usually rather low.
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