How often sport a week to lose weight? - A sensible training plan

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How often sport a week to lose weight?  - A sensible training plan

With sports you can lose weight healthily.

How often do sports?

You should only make a health check.

  • Before you get started with the sport, you should see your doctor and can be check. You should already know how resilient you are. If you were not longer any sport, you should take it slow in any case.
  • The week schedule that you set should be checked by your doctor first and approved. The doctor knows for sure best what your bones and joints to endure that. Maybe you should also consult a dietician to optionally switch the diet.
  • Generally it could be said that you can do the three days of sport a week. You just have to make sure that not always the same body parts are trained.

Everyday work as a training week

  • There are also outside of your training schedule opportunities to play sports. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or go shopping in the squat, if you put your box of water in the car.
  • You should weigh yourself once a week. You will be training with the training plan your muscles and your stamina. When you build muscle, it is possible that weight loss is not as drastic as you would imagine, because muscle weighs more than fat. Let not be discouraged, you will lose weight with strict adherence to the training plan enough.
  • The classic is of course the daily commute to work, just often times take the bike instead of your car. If you're wondering how often sport a week is useful to decrease these activities can not really seen as a sport, but in the long run they will make also noticeable.

A plan to decrease

  • Start on Monday with 45 minutes running or cycling. Then, take gymnastics at home, sit-ups and push-ups for about 15 minutes. Then you do Tae Bo; begin with the basic exercises. The Tae Bo DVD you get in trade for little money and the exercises are very effective in the fight against the kilos.
  • Wednesday first go even one hour for swimming. Try to take a swim on time. Then let a good time in the sauna. After a short rest, you should end the day with sport. Make conclude by a half-hour continuous operation. Then at home for half an hour rowing machine and a quarter of an hour sit-ups.
  • Friday looks like that you are going to swim to your half-hour continuous operation. You can also walk to the swimming pool. Then again make a visit to the sauna and then train for half an hour Tae Bo for a little rest. The Tae Bo training is very demanding and sweaty, so you will not forget enough liquid to take the best water to be.
  • Weigh yourself regularly once a week. Before you start training, you do a few stretching exercises. Stretch your hands toward the ceiling and try alternately once left hand, even stick out his right hand as high as it is, as if you want to pick an apple from a tree.
  • Standing touching Even with the right hand the left foot is a good exercise before the actual training. Remember - stretching prevents injuries.

Check in between every time your pulse; if it goes too high, just take a break.

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