How old are wolves?

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How old are wolves?

Wolves - beautiful animals - unfortunately with bad reputations

Old predators - wolves

  • Already in the Bible the wolf plays a role. In fairy tales and myths of many nations he is represented.
  • Since it occurs as a food competitor to the people, he was rarely popular. Since then, people have operated animal husbandry, he was always there and has brought its share. But the wolf was persecuted and finally exterminated in Germany. According to official figures of the last wild wolf was shot in 1904 in the Lausitz. Since the end of the 20th century settle there but again wolves - in 2000, the first wolf pups were sighted. Twelve Rudel and a wolf pair were counted in Saxony and Brandenburg earlier this year.
  • Dangerous wolf than wildlife to humans hardly. Wolves are very careful and avoid people. Occasionally it can happen that wolves tearing cattle from unsecured positions. Attacks on people there were in the past, mostly in conjunction with rabies. However, this is in Germany currently not an issue.

The age of wolves and other biological data

  • The resident in our Central European wolves have a weight of 35-67 kg (males) or 27-50 kg (females).
  • The appearance is similar to that of a large dog house, the staining of the Huskies like Husky or Malamute is most comparable.
  • Wolves in captivity may be older on average than animals in freedom. The possible age is similar to our domestic dog: 12 years in freedom and 18 years in captivity.
  • Wolves live in packs. A pack consists of the parent animals and their offspring. The offspring from the previous year exits with reaching maturity from the parents Rudel and establishes its own pack.
  • Wolves get only once a year junior. The mating season is from late winter to early March. The gestation period lasts 62 to 75 days (here on, there are different opinions). The birth and rearing of the puppies will be held in a cave with up to two inputs. The puppies are nursed up to the age of 6-8 weeks.

Incidentally, do you know how to distinguish a Wolfsfährte of a dog track? The wolves occur when moving forward with the hind feet in the prints of their forepaws. Running Wolves in packs, contact the following animals in the footprints of the front man. Our domestic dog sat on the front and rear paws at different locations.

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