How to cheer for someone? - How to help a friend

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How to cheer for someone?  - How to help a friend

Friends are not only in good times there for each other.

to cheer on a friend with Listening

  • You are already in bed when the phone rings. A friend is on the line, just before the collapse. His life is from one moment to the next in shambles. How to cheers so for someone? Quite simply because we is there.
  • Be good friend draw despite weariness, pick his favorite whiskey, go to him and hear just about. Even infinite loops in which narratives take out, because that's your job as a real friend.
  • Be quiet when he is silent, and hold him when he cries. There comes a moment of exhaustion, of insight and recovery operation. This is the time for plan B - to deal with the situation. Then help him to find a way for himself to go on.

Someone not pull with violence among people

  • Many people believe you cheer for someone by drags him under people. Forget it. That might help for the moment. If the deflection past, your friend falls back into its hole, in his dilemma.
  • Meaningful are a quiet get-together, endless phone calls and a whiskey or Eissession.
  • Do not make the mistake, however, rail against the people with him, maybe "fault" are in his situation. In a clear moment, thinking of others that you are the culprit. Try rather, listen to question and lead your friend so again on the right path in life.
  • Note that you can not help, do not hesitate to inform his family or to get professional help to.
  • The best encouragement is still listening, seeing the favorite movie and search for solutions.
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