How to choose the right color highlights for your type

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How to choose the right color highlights for your type

How to choose the highlights color to match your hair color.

Not every hair highlights color suits every type and every hair color. In addition, the tastes differ in many colors. Here are a few suggestions.

This Strähnchenfabe suits black and dark brown hair

  • Generally fit in black or dark brown hair tresses in purple, copper red (generally reds) or blond.
  • However, you should choose the color and the skin type and taste. Blonde highlights fall on extreme and barely fit into a bright skin type. For bright, freckled skin sees an coppery great.
  • Violet can easily be lost in dark hair, which is why you should first talk to your hairdresser about a brightening.
  • Too fancy colors can look good, as long as the strands are not too broad and too many in any style. Let your hairdresser advice and consider, where appropriate, once pink colored hair tips after.

This highlights color suits blond hair

  • Generally fit into the blonde hair color auburn, pink and shades that are a shade lighter or darker than the natural hair color.
  • Select highlights from depending on your taste. Shades similar to the own hair color look natural, as for example, pink strands.
  • Pink highlights have the disadvantage that they fade very quickly and often look very risky.
  • Redhead Highlights act just very nice and fresh with light skin tones.

This Strähnchengfarbe suits red hair

  • Generally fit red hair colors that are a little lighter or darker than the natural hair color. wieschwarz From experiments or blond, you should refrain, when a natural red.
  • Are the hairs but 'bright red' colored, then you should choose the color black streaks to set visual highlights.
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