How to decrease the Po?

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How to decrease the Po?

Remove Through exercises on the Po.

How can you remove the Po targeted

  • How to take the best from the Po? Squats are simple exercises that strengthen your butt and put him in a beautiful shape. Also the balance they benefit. If you in this regard have trouble finding a table or a chair can serve as an aid. Look for an accurate execution of the movements. As for breathing, it must be exhaled into a crouch walking and inhaled at high coming in. Here is a brief description of this exercise: stand upright, the back is straight. The knee now bend to squat down, the arms are stretched forward. In this case, please do not go too deep, so that no problems arise Gulping. Remain a moment in the squat and pull the body then slowly to the upright position back. Two or three series of exercises à 8-12 repetitions should suffice. Although at first it's exhausting and many a muscle in your body is only just awakening to life, it's worth it!
  • Step: A Step device turns out to be true fighter against the pesky Pokalorien. Imagine. Upright in front of the device Step Small hand weights in your hands provide balancing for strengthening arms. The right foot migrates to Step. The weight rests on the heel. Press it firmly against the step, and focus only on this leg. The other is the balance. Then change legs. The whole can of course go at a brisk pace vonstatten, yet may not be missing the necessary attention for the exercise. 1-3 series à 10-16 repetitions have your too big Po melt away with regular exercise.
  • Cycling is not only a cure for the cardiovascular system. It affects just wonderful from the hip muscles and the gluteal. Drive best turns playing three minutes for the pulse 70-80 and two minutes for the pulse of 100-110 bicycle, and at least 30 minutes. In 45 minutes, about 330 of your calories are simply vanish into thin air.
  • Jogging not only helps reduce weight to the optimum, but also brings a sense of well with it. The Po is particularly stressed when it goes uphill. In 45 minutes, jogging up to 450 calories can be burned.
  • Especially in the mountains of the Po is strengthened when walking and shaped. Most particularly, when the tempo is increased. When walking quickly up to 300 calories can be burned in an hour. So you take with regular exercise specifically from the Po.
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