How to decreases in the seat?

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How to decreases in the seat?

How to decreases in the seat?

As one assumes fat on the buttocks

Who suffers from extra pounds on my butt especially, should accordingly absolve also targeted training to tighten skin, muscles and tissues and burn fat.

  • In addition to the right exercises for the butt, the diet plays a major role. Accordingly, you should prefer to avoid bad fat in the form of chips, crisps, fast food and Co. and supplement bread with a hearty spread, or replace.
  • Since your body is rising not only in the seat, but is fat basically settle everywhere, you should not only focus on the buttocks, but also encompass alternative work-outs for the hips, stomach and thighs as directly adjacent muscles.
  • Complete endurance training as compensation to targeted single muscle training for your butt. How fast you effectively decreases the butt, always depends on the relationship between diet, exercise and rest periods for regeneration.
  • In everyday life, you can workout anytime your butt without sports outfit, by selecting the hook to Pomuskel vigorously, keep this voltage short maximum and then released again. This simple but very effective exercise can be as long as 10 to 15 times completed, work your muscles and by the local heat generation at the required muscles takes you from.

On butt decrease with effective exercises

Targeted exercises tighten the buttocks and the surrounding muscles effectively, so that within a few weeks of training Po, hips and thighs are strengthened and several kilograms are burned to excess fat.

  1. As very good exercise for training the ass you can work out with a so-called. Flex SportBand. This elastic and durable webbing get z. B. in the world and in sporting goods stores, compare prices, more than just under 10 euros, it should not cost. Tie a knot in the ribbon, resulting in a circle of the band forms. Imagine yourself in the circle and put on the tape at the ankles.
  2. Move your feet under tension of the tape back and forth, so that in this way your butt is very demanded and feel your muscles. Also lateral movements are suitable to practice the Pomuskel. A foot serves as a stabilizer, while freely movable against the resistance of the belt to move to the other.
  3. Work out so about 10 minutes a day for a good work-out. You can initially hold with both hands on a chair or table, for the case that your coordination, or your sense of balance should be weak.
  4. Lie down on a soft mat Sports and fold their hands under the forehead. Press your tummy against your spine while you tense your butt. This one takes a day in conjunction with the flex band off properly. Raise and lower the foot respectively, so that you actively work against the resistance of the belt and your butt muscles can burn fat.
  5. The almost forgotten discipline of the hula hoop, for most a relic from childhood, experienced a "rebirth" as actually very effective, albeit simple, therefore but also good fitness machine. Do it Vips, asterisks and stars alike and work your butt every day with a 15 minute hula hoop, the device is available with very good training exercises with video, or DVD.
  6. The hula hoop exercises in the ordinary all the exercises, the normal Hüftkreisen, fat on the hips, buttocks, abdomen and thighs, so you also hereby quickly effectively decreases and do not perceive the training as such out of sheer fun and motivation. Join the Work-out with music to proceed deliberately and motivated to Hüftgold and Co..

Combine all the exercises and switch them off as well, because you can also pick up by the general fat burning at the bottom. The special exercises tighten and sculpt your Pomuskel so that the butt designed crisp and well-proportioned.

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