How to fight blackheads?

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How to fight blackheads?

Against blackheads can easily do something.

There are often still frowned on the nose or forehead, and more or less small, black dots. But what to do against the unpopular blackheads? There are countless, often very expensive products, from as many different manufacturers, all referencing the one promise: Beautiful, clean and healthy skin. How to get to as easily and cheaply as possible, you can find here:

  • The important thing is the skin be cleaned regularly, that is, you should always before going to bed a cleansing lotion to damp face and apply with plenty of water washing again. This is so essential because only a clean skin can relax and rejuvenate during the night.
  • Clogged pores are the most common reason for the formation of blackheads. Blackheads are very simplified not expressed much more than excess talc, which remains in the pores of the skin and unsightly, dark color shows on your face.

get rid of blackheads with milk and salt

  1. In addition to daily cleaning, you should use one to two times a week to exfoliate. If you already use a specific product line and are happy, stay calm when your favorite product.
  2. For all it is so far undecided easily salt to mix with milk, until a firm paste. This mush You should apply to your face and massage in circular motions. The grain of salt replaces dead skin cells so that your skin can and pores do not clog as quickly breathe. The milk provides for the supply of the skin with care. Since you will most likely have the two ingredients at home, this type of peeling is particularly simple and cheap to manufacture.
  3. After using the peels take the healing earth on hand and stir with a little water also to a mash together.
  4. Now apply the slurry to the areas of your face where you suffer the most blackheads. Often this is the so-called T-zone, the area of ​​the chin, nose and forehead.
  5. The healing earth provides your skin with important minerals, so you radiates healthy after use, they also deprive the pores during drying the excess fat, which could lead to blackheads.
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