How to fight Phone Stalker?

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How to fight Phone Stalker?

Against Phone Stalker will not only hang up.

  • Keep your problem with the phone stalker in no case for itself. Trust yourself to someone that can be your best friend, her best friend or colleague - definitely someone who is close to you. If the phone calls are too outrageous, you can submit course also against unknown at the police, but your problem is not solved.
  • One of the first options is applying for a new phone number, which they then apply as a secret number at your telephone service. This is not difficult, you need to prohibit the telephone company only strictly, your number in any phone book, either on paper, to be published online yet.

What should I do if I am being harassed by phone stalker?

One option that is very simple, but effective, the possibility of an answering machine is turn on:

  1. Talk longest possible text on the answering machine and tell you all 'your friends that you are going in the near future due to a Phone Stalkers not immediately answer the phone, but basically the answering machine is turned on.
  2. Set this so that it goes into action after the first ring. Tell your friends and that you should definitely talk to it. Tell your friend that when you realize who it is to answer the phone. This is the beginning though annoying for all callers, but just annoying it is for the Phone Talker, who tried to call manic and always has to listen to the same AB-text. He will soon give up, if you run through the a certain time.
  3. Another advantage - you can finally pick at rest, with whom you really want to make calls without this notice anybody.

What else you can do against a telephone talker:

  • If you know the answer machine too expensive, then help in a hurry, the radical solution. warble Dial Phone Stalkers with a whistle loudly into the phone - as well as the phone-Stalker whistle ears and tinnitus is not far.
  • The radical method may be varied with loud music (headphones put it over the phone), a fanfare horn (depends on what your neighbors to say) or psychologically subtly loud laughter, which has been completely unsettled some stalker.
  • If the simplest of all methods should come into question for you, this is also an option: For a while, no longer to answer the phone - at some point the phone stalker is pretty annoyed because he's compulsive "activity" - the phone - not can exercise more if no one is going. And have you ever really your peace - not entirely bad.
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