How to grow eyelashes? - Find out more

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How to grow eyelashes?  - Find out more

Eyelashes have a long life cycle.

The daily beauty procedure and eyelash curlers can enforce the eyelashes strong. If these out, it can take depending on the growth phase weeks or months until they grow back.

So the hairs grow

  • Eyelashes through three growth stages, anagen, catagen and the telogen phase.
  • During the anagen phase the eyelashes grow and fall as a rule of not, unless external factors are to blame. This growth phase lasts about 30 to 45 days.
  • In the catagen phase the casing shrinks batting and settles at the root. The batting is not growing at this stage, but do not just fall out so, unless it act again external influences on a.
  • In the telogen phase the eyelashes begin to slowly fall out. If the batting has reached this stage, it rests about 100 days and may change in that time. If you lose an eyelash in this last phase, they will also grow very quickly.
  • Since each individual eyelash has its own growth cycle, nor will it ever happen that you suddenly have no more lashes overnight. Assuming you are healthy - you get chemotherapy or have another medical condition that can happen naturally already.

How to support the growth of eyelashes

  • To ensure that your eyelashes will not break or fail prematurely, you should also maintain this. Do not use too often the eyelash curler and makeup each evening, gently. Take it a mild cleanser, and coat the lashes gently from the roots to the tips clean. but Scratch it under any circumstances.
  • You can maintain your lashes with an almond oil. This keeps the lashes soft and they do not break so easily.

The eyelashes protect the eyes from dirt particles and serve as a protective function of the eye. When something touches your lashes, you will reflexively close his eyes. but you also need a little care to ensure they survive their long lifecycle.

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