How to make French Nails?

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How to make French Nails?

French Nails emphasize the nail tips with white paint.

Nourishing groundwork makes French Nails elegant

The French manicure is to emphasize the naturalness of your hands. Look beautiful, the course only when hands and fingernails are clean.

  1. Shorten if necessary, your nails. More than half a centimeter, they should not extend beyond the fingertip, because that disturbs the natural look.
  2. Artificial nails, if available, rather deduct. That can endanger the natural touch of design.
  3. Obtain a fine-grained as possible nail file and bring it so that the tips in the form. Spade-shaped or slightly rounded nails are perfect to emphasize naturalness.
  4. On the cuticles you wear on a cuticle remover.
  5. Allow the product to react and push the cuticle, then gently with a tapered piece of wood from the nail.

Your hands are clean with it and it can go on with the manicure.

Nail Design with a French-Nail Set

Breathe Again and from the drugstore. Here you get a French-Nails Set. These should include glossy white nail polish, rosé or light beige coat, clear coat and stencil sheets. If you are of a dark type, the beige-containing variant makes on your nails better. On bright types Rosé looks noble.

  1. Tape the stencil from your set on the nails. The upper edge extends up to where your nail protrudes through the fingers each.
  2. Caution: Press the stencil additionally fixed with a stick. If they are loose, there Patzer.
  3. Dip the brush now in the white paint and wipe it thoroughly. Too much of a good thing leads to chaos.
  4. Place the brush at the center of the nail and pull the color towards the tip to the nails.
  5. Breather: let the tips dry for at least ten minutes and relax.
  6. Now take off the masks. Uncleanliness correct a Nagellackentfernerstift.
  7. Wear the rose-colored or slightly beige paint on the nails.
  8. Now give yourself a second respite, because the paint has to dry completely. A good half hour takes the dry season.
  9. With the clear coat after you promote a shiny finish.

Even your fingernails are done!

French manicure for any occasion

see your hands with the French manicure from noble and natural. At work and at play, the classic variant therefore makes perfect because it is timeless and goes with everything. To make the French Nails for a certain occasion but still-compatible, you can make use of this base further.

  • You can download the white lace, for example, black make to make your nails at an evening party for Eye Catcher. Also suitable are shrill and unusual colors for the tips in question.
  • Even more striking is the look when you stick sparkling stones on the nail. Possibly even allow nail tattoos in the French manicure integrate. But not on all nails, otherwise it will quickly become violent.
  • Let your imagination run wild and make it go. By the way: If the design must go particularly fast times, you get the tips with a special paint pens out even faster. Alternatively, you can stick with time pressure artificial nails in the French style.
  • If at any point of time and money to spare, you can be in the nail studio a French modeling with gel or acrylic type. The advantage: Gel nails hold a few weeks, what can not be said from the handwritten painting unfortunately.

But the painting is at home a creative matter that will cost you some practice no money and no nerves and time. So, get the nails and practicing like crazy!

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