How to make white sausage? - A prescription for this Bavarian specialty

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How to make white sausage?  - A prescription for this Bavarian specialty

Make Weißwürste itself.

prepare for the fresh white sausages

Fresh white sausages, as you do in Bavaria, to do in the following way:

  1. To prepare the white sausages, you must first fill the specified amount of water in ice-cube trays and then freeze.
  2. Fill then a bowl of warm water and place it in this water the hog.
  3. Then you can cut the previously chilled poultry meat, the bacon, the pork and the veal into thin strips.
  4. Now Mix in a small bowl the salt with the pepper and the cutter process aids.
  5. Sprinkle then the spice mixture over the chopped meat and mix the ingredients together thoroughly.
  6. Following this, you can cut the leek into thin rings and then rotate through a meat grinder. Use for the mincer a 3 mm disc.
  7. After the leeks rotated through a meat grinder, you can also turn the chopped meat through a meat grinder. Here too, you can use the 3-mm disc again.
  8. Next, you turn to ice the icy snow. For this, the ice must be very small and finely chopped.
  9. Mix then the icy snow with the meat and leek mass and then enter during mixing well mustard and horseradish added.
  10. Finally, you can mix the finely chopped parsley into the mixture then also.

The white sausages makes you so hot

After preparing the ingredients for the fresh white sausages, you can finish the white sausages:

  1. First Fill from the prepared meat mixture into the previously warmed pig intestines.
  2. You can then enter the water in a large pot and then blanch in the white sausages then. It is important that the water does not boil, but about a temperature of 80 ° C.
  3. After about 20 to 25 minutes you can take out and serve the veal sausages. Serve with for example, sweet mustard and fresh pretzels.
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