How to play RAR files? - For the PSP, proceed as follows

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How to play RAR files?  - For the PSP, proceed as follows

So you can use RAR files on the PSP.

Fundamental to RAR files

  • About files ending in .rar you know only one, that it is a compressed and packed file. Usually this is done in order to save space and to make the delivery of large amounts of data easier and quicker.
  • You can play a file with the extension on either the PSP still on the computer. It is also not possible to convert them, so this is still possible.
  • There is only one way you can use the contents of such a file, you need to unpack it. If the file is a game for the PSP is, you can use on the PlayStation Portable this then.
  • Attention, games for the PlayStation offered often illegal in the format and can be contaminated with malware. Download such files only down if you have a good and current protection software on the computer. Do not use the download if your virus scanner warns.

As you can play with the file on the PSP

  1. Because of the risk when downloading and problems to unzip the files, you should download the games always have a well-secured PC. The PSP is only suitable for unpacking files.
  2. If you have the RAR file on your computer, you can unpack them with any decompression utility. If you have no such program, install 7-Zip. With this free program you can not only extract, but also pack.
  3. Click on the file with the right mouse button to unpack. Then select Extract. Now you can also choose the place where the extracted file should stand.
  4. Now drag your new game for the PSP on a stick. Play. The game from the stick on the Playstation
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