How to recognize a neutralizing? - Chemical explanations

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How to recognize a neutralizing?  - Chemical explanations

Strong acids and bases give saltwater.

Neutralization - chemical backgrounds

  • Before it is shown how to recognize a neutralization, is to consider the processes in such a reaction of importance.
  • At a neutralization reaction of two reactants are involved; firstly the bases, on the other acids.
  • When joining of acid and base results in a neutral solution. The acidic and basic effects of the reactants involved so do not add up, but there is a cancellation.
  • In the reaction of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide solution is a classical neutralization, in which are formed as end products water and saline using the following formula: NaOH + HCl -> NaCl + H 2 O.
  • The reaction is exothermic, that is, energy is released. This phenomenon can be seen on the heating of the solution.
  • To check in this reaction, if it is indeed a neutral solution, the pH can be used. Achieved this by checking a value of 7, the solution is neutral.
  • But be careful! When a weak acid is treated with a strong base or a weak base with a strong acid, may vary for the neutralization of the pH of the 7th In the above example, the pH value was determined by water produced as the reaction product. But normally the pH equivalence point is called not in this neutral point, but when. Called neutral because here the acid and base content is quantitatively equal. But this also differs from. 7

How to recognize neutralization reactions

  • But how does one recognize a neutralizing? For this you need to look at the reaction partners. If acids or bases are added together, a neutralization takes place.
  • An acid can be seen for example on the ability to donate protons (H +), while bases may include them.
  • If you present strong acids and bases, you can also watch the reaction products: Here always arise a salt and water. Whether an acid or base is strong, you can read in the corresponding tables.
  • You see, it is not difficult to recognize a neutralization reaction!
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