"How to send a link?" - To make it work with Email

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"How to send a link?"  - To make it work with Email

Send a link with GMX.

Send an email with a link

Initially you need an e-mail account. If you have a free email account with GMX, learn how to send an email with a link in a few steps.

  1. Log on as First your GMX email account by providing your email address and password you.
  2. As a next step, click on the left navigation bar of your e-mail account, the button "Email" and then "Email me" to the point.
  3. Enter your next recipient and the subject of your message.
  4. To include a link in your message, then go to the address whose link you want to send, copy the address bar and paste it into your message.
  5. Finally, click on the "send" button, so your message will be sent with a link.

Your receiver now gets the message sent and can by clicking on the Left, to the web page immediately.

So you send an e-mail with attachment

If you want an e-mail with GMX with an attachment, such as a PDF file or an image, ship, learn how to send next to a link, even an attachment.

  1. Login first thing in your e-mail account with GMX and click next to the left on the "e-mail".
  2. Then click on the word "Email" button to send an e-mail with an attachment.
  3. After filling in your receiver and your subject line, write your message, and then click below under "Attachments to e-mail" on the button "Browse ...".
  4. You are now in the "File Upload" window, where you select the file you want to send and then click on the "Open" button.
  5. Then click next to the button "Browse ...", "Add File" button, so that your e-mail file will be attached.
  6. Finally, you just have to "send" button, click on the top right, so your e-mail will be sent with attachments.

Depending on the size of the file, the add take a few seconds to complete.

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