How to send a parcel?

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How to send a parcel?

Only upon receipt of the packet by the receiver of the shipment was successful.

First, you should address the packet correctly. The German Post offers stickers that you write the address. For security reasons, write them in addition to the package.

Whether you really need a package that depends on those to be exported objects. Small objects or clothes go often in a big envelope or large letter Deutsche Post. A Maxibrief may weigh more than a kilo. Hermes or DPD does not offer these letters.

send via DHL

The parcel service of Deutsche Post's DHL. You can post your package at post offices, postal agencies, package boxes and packing stations. A pick-up from home committed to an additional charge.

As a receiver, you can specify that the delivery person to deliver your package to a packing station. Packstations parcel stations of DHL. Register online for a packing station in your area. With your customer card you can around the clock to pick up your package.

If you want to take your package at home in reception, note that the DHL messenger only tried the service. Then he gives it from either the neighbors or in the post office. Alternatively, you can DHL grant authorization to deposit, so that the messenger turns off the package, for example, in the garage.

Shipping costs are here to move 6-15 Euro. DHL delivers from Monday to Saturday from.

send parcels with DPD

An alternative to DHL is the German parcel service DPD. If the messenger the package can not see here, he tries again usually the next business day, leaving the recipient a note.

The sender can post your package only in ParcelShops the DPD. In addition, a free pick-up is possible. The price is here, unlike the DHL, according to the size of the package, so the pricing is transparent. Even with a DPD authorization to deposit is possible.

The delivery brings the package multiple non-delivery is not in a packing station, but can send it back to you. A delivery on Saturdays will cost an extra cost.

Priced DPD moved from 4.50 to 18 euros. DPD delivers Monday through Saturday between 8am and 20 o'clock.

Package shipping with Hermes

Another big company that sent packets, Hermes is. The messenger tried three times to deliver the package and dare to request a fourth attempt. In addition, the receiver has the possibility to agree with Hermes an alternative place of delivery.

You can give up your package only in Hermes parcel shops. A pick-up from home is chargeable at Hermes.

Hermes is cheapest. Depending on the size of the shipping costs 4-10 euros. Beyond the package, provided that all the attempts have failed, back to you. The Hermes driver work freelance and are mostly underpaid. The delivery time varies, therefore, so that on-time delivery is not always reliable.

Thus, a packet is sent

Follow these steps:

  1. Pack your package properly. If you do not have a matching box on hand, buy a DHL. This costs depending on the size from 1.50 to 2.50 euros.
  2. If you send your package by DHL, take it then in a DHL package store. You fill out the parcel and pay the postage.
  3. Alternatively, you can fill in the parcel online and take into the shop in order to save time.
  4. At DHL enter your package conveniently from the post office.
  5. Also DPD and Hermes parcel shops have. You fill out the parcel on the spot, this is not possible online.

All three vendors offer an additional pick-up of the package. This is associated with additional costs, which are at different heights from one provider to another.

All shipping companies offer the possibility of shipping tracking. You can check online where your package is just after you have sent it. To do so, the consignment number on the website of DHL or DPD / Hermes and the page shows you where your package is located.

Advice Paketversand

Also note the following:

  • To secure your goods you should wrap it with bubble wrap.
  • Fill the box with packing material such as polystyrene, so that the goods do not fly around loose.
  • Especially in fragile content you should pad the package well. You must assume that one tosses your parcel carelessly.
  • Weigh your package before shipping. To find out the shipping. Drop off your package is best not to directly before a holiday on. On such a your shipment is not moved and the delivery will take one day longer.
  • Most comfortable is shipping with DHL, as it is received to your individual wishes. Still worth a look at the competition, and in particular Hermes, because it is cheaper and more attempts to deliver the package.

If you follow these tips, you can not make a mistake when sending.

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