How to sharpen best Swiss knife - Procedure

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How to sharpen best Swiss knife - Procedure

A Swiss Army knife can be sharpened in different ways.

If talk of Swiss army knife, there are mostly high-quality pocket and hunting knives. But there are also other knives such as chef's knife. All these knives should fulfill their function and therefore be particularly sharp. Each knife - also the Swiss - can, of course, over time the degree of severity by. Therefore you should know how to sharpen a Swiss Army knife.

best sharpen Swiss Army and hunting knife

  • If you are in possession of a pocket or hunting knife, you know how important it is that it can always fulfill its purpose. If so diminishes the sharpness, this usually happens when you are traveling.
  • This is precisely why the answer to the question how to best sharpen a knife, particularly important. For these types of knives, it is advisable to use a knife sharpener you have always with you.
  • The Swiss Army Knife Victorinox specialist can provide for this purpose some available, achieve the best results. It is for example, a diamond steel and a combined sharpener which has both a blade sharpening knives and a whetstone. This means you can pre the knife and then bring the finishing touches. Also there is a blade sharpener, which allows you to sharpen serrated knife additionally. Also Frankonia provides you some very efficient knife sharpeners available, both for mobile and stationary use

So sharpen Swiss Utility Knife

  • The best way to raise not only a Swiss Army knife is best, is that you are using a grindstone. However, the application requires some practice, since a grinding angle must be respected and this without any technical aids.
  • Grindstones have different grain sizes, depending on what severity level you want to achieve. With coarse grain you can edit very dull blades and also remove small defects. The finer the grain size, the better the degree of severity.
  • The grinding angle should be about 22 degrees typically. You should grindstone used before use always water, this makes the work and gives an optimal result. To give the knife finally shine, you should pull it off with polishing paste with a special leather strips.
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