How to sing one yourself? - That's how it's done

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How to sing one yourself?  - That's how it's done

The perfect Einsingen for your vote.

If you like to sing and often, so that's a beautiful thing. But even in this case should be noted that you give your voice the opportunity to warm up. The consequences, one sound at a vocal overload without, you might know. They have a rough voice and maybe even sore throat. Just like a top athlete there is this several things to consider.

As you sing on properly - instructions for "warming up"

  1. First of all, you should warm up your body. You bend while standing as far as it goes down and shake your arms vigorously. Then stretch your arms as far into the air, as you would want to reach for the stars.
  2. Correct breathing is important for singing. Blow this as you would need to cool a soup. Thereafter, the air is sucked in, as if you were "slurp soup" the
  3. Now you begin to train the vocal cords. Sing "Mama Mama" the gamut from bottom to top, the whole then from top to bottom. This exercise repeat now 5x.
  4. For now jaw and lips repeat the above exercise with another vowel: "mimimimi", "Momomomo", "mimimimi" MEMEMEME "
  5. To train optimally to the front tongue portion, sing the gamut from bottom to top and vice versa, with the vowels "lalalala" varies with "lelelele" and "lililili", "lolololo", "Lulululu".

A good "Warming up" the end

  • WIth the sound "brrr" You should sing as high up as possible, the scale down. The easiest way to this technique, when, loosely pressed air through the lips and makes them vibrate like that. Caution that tickles something. Repeat this exercise 5-6 x.
  • Finally, you will now look for a simple and joyful song of how something "Oh happy day". Play. Something with the song and transpose it from top to bottom

Here you have the option of creating your own little Einsingprogramm because a stubborn general, there are not. It should be exercises that will be fun and put you in a positive mood.

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