How to switch from the iPhone? - That's how it's done

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How to switch from the iPhone?  - That's how it's done

Before telephoning dealing practice Joachim_Kirchner / Pixelio

Learn how to turn off the iPhone

The Apple iPhone is very popular, but if you re-migrating from an existing device to the iPhone, but everything is somehow different than usual. Often you get your iPhone directly in the business along with your SIM card and can test it directly. And then? To turn it off:

  1. The important thing is to know that there are multiple connections buttons on iPhone. This is also a problem if you do not know how to turn off the phone. And to wait until the battery is completely empty, is indeed not a real option. First, look at your iPhone, you will find very few buttons.
  2. Surely you've already found the small button in the top right corner of the iPhones. If you press this, only the light of the display turns on and off when pressed again. This button is used but also to the complete shutdown of the iPhone.
  3. Now comes the real trick: Tap the button not only short, but hold it for 3-4 seconds, then the display changes.
  4. Now you can see on the screen a white arrow on a red background. Press this with one of your fingers and slide it to the right of the screen and have your iPhone is turned off. You need it to touch the screen, but do not press it.

Also switching is similarly easy

When the iPhone is turned off once, but also arises equal to the opposite question: How will the iPhone is turned on again? Do not worry, is almost the same.

  1. Press in the off iPhone again on the button at the top right corner. Again, it takes 3-4 seconds for the phone responds. It appears the typical Apple logo.
  2. Now your SIM card is still blocked. At the bottom of the screen you find one of the already seen slider. Even this you need to slide your finger to the right of the screen. A box will appear, alerting you to the locked SIM card. Click "Unlock".
  3. Now you only need to enter your PIN. If you do not know this from the top, looking her best before, because after three incorrect PIN entry, the phone is locked.

Have fun with your iPhone.

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