How to unzip zip files?

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How to unzip zip files?

There are numerous Entpackungsprogramme allow you to unzip zip files.

TUGZip is a complimentary packing and unpacking program that can handle many different file formats. Zip files are extracted easily with this free program in no time. But there are also other programs that you can handle Zip files. One of the most popular programs for unpacking Zip files WinZip is, however, this program is available free of charge as a test version.

unpacked instruction on how to zip files

  1. For example, visit this download. On the Internet, however, other programs are available which function similarly, but most are not free. Download the program to your hard drive and install it.
  2. After you install the program on your computer, open the program now TUGZip. Select the zip file from the directory where you saved the file. The directory can be left select the window. Right in the window, see the individual files.
  3. Now use the mouse the zip file and click the right mouse button to unpack> Extract here.
  4. That's it, you have the file you just unzipped successfully and can now open it.
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