How to write a self-expression?

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How to write a self-expression?

Good self-portraits will pave the way.

If you want to write a convincing self-presentation, you should not be guided by false modesty. You should know what you can and that you do your job well. Healthy self-esteem is very important for a good image, do not place your light under a bushel so. Of course, the whole thing should also not overdo it and act boastful or implausible - the right balance is to find it.

To write a persuasive presentation

  • List in your self-expression is not just your career path on - this will your potential employer in your resume. Access prefer individual employment contracts or projects which are in particular reference to the location to which you are applying. Write what you learned there and what acquired skills qualify you for the job.
  • Be of no more than three so-called soft skills. Every employer knows that skills such as creativity, reliability or team skills are listed in each application and does not necessarily mean that they really are creative, reliable and a team player. Her three Softskill should rather express that you understand what is involved in the advertised position.
  • If you are applying for an executive position, you write in your self-expression so dear of your willpower and your leadership skills instead of your team spirit. As future / r office assistant / r highlight your organizational talent and your multitasking skills.
  • Avoid writing in your self-expression of soft skills that are taken for granted, such as reliability or punctuality.
  • Select sent your hobbies and varied off, but not write ten different pastimes - which could give the impression that leisure would an excessively high priority in your life take (from the perspective of the employer). Choose a hobby from which you deal alone, and one that highlights your socializing.
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