HP Color Laserjet 1600 Clean - Step by Step

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HP Color Laserjet 1600 Clean - Step by Step

Your printer requires regular maintenance!

To clean your "HP Color Laserjet 1600"

In order for your Hewlett-Packard "HP Color Laserjet 1600" long remains powerful and makes great prints, it is necessary to laser printers to wait and cleaned regularly. During printing toner and paper particles and dust can accumulate gradually in the printer and set, and may affect as typeface or the printing of graphics. Are you no longer satisfied with the quality of your prints, then it is time to clean your printer thoroughly and recalibrate.

  1. For the maintenance of your printer, you need the supplied software "HP Toolbox". "HP Toolbox" is part of the printer driver. The Toolbox can be opened by you. "Start", then "Settings" and then click "Printers"
  2. Now select from the list your "HP Color Laserjet 1600" from which you select the relevant entry. Then click on "File" and "Printer Settings". Here you select the "Maintenance" tab and click "Open Toolbox" on.
  3. Now select the desired function "Cleaning Printer". This opens a wizard that now supports every step of the cleaning and explains how to use. Have you successfully completed the cleaning function, you should verify the correct operation concluded by a test print. If the test print is not satisfactory, repeat the cleaning.
  4. You should then the printer recalibrate (align) to ensure proper typeface and streak-free image printouts. Given rerun the steps and open the "HP Toolbox". This time, select "Calibrate Printer" and insert a blank piece of A4 paper, when the wizard prompts the function.
  5. You see on screen now a test pattern that you need to compare the expression of your printer and then can put markers where the test expression does not match the screen display. The software then automatically adjusts the settings. You may need to put another test print until the test pattern matches.

Now your "HP Color Laserjet 1600" is cleaned and recalibrated and ready again for many pages of excellent prints.

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