"I can no more tabs open in Firefox" - so you fix the problem

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"I can no more tabs open in Firefox" - so you fix the problem

The final frontier - the Internet Lars_Wichert / Pixelio

Robust Firefox - but not invulnerable

  • Buzzwords like "Internet Browser" or "search engine" are among the most common vocabulary of our time. Without search engines so remained some information on the web undetected. Nevertheless, the best search engine is obsolete when here no properly functioning browser can access. Quick flies by good humor, is not possible where the tabs, for example, with the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Today it is on the Internet no longer just a matter of providing knowledge databases. The Web has now taken over the job as advertising and sales platform for many industries. An army of search engine optimizers ensure that certain sites in search engine queries have a special presence and thus the customer the same eye-catching. Therefore, the tab feature of Firefox, especially in the context of Internet searches are called particularly comfortable. In this way can see web pages (in tabs) for quick access, in online mode, deploy.
  • To get to enjoy the amenities of the World Wide Web, so it requires the support of a reliable Internet browser. In this context, the Mozilla Firefox certainly one of the solutions of choice and is therefore often represented on the domestic desktops.
  • However, even such a top-quality product is not entirely safe from problems to program crashes. A particular advantage is also the otherwise robust and well running Firefox about: it is to get anywhere in the network without any problems as a "free download" and installs quickly. Should the tabs in your Firefox browser can not be opened or is this function restricted for other reasons, but there are different ways to overcome this problem.

If Firefox's tabs once can not open

Often emerged a problem that you can not open tabs, for an update on or after reinstalling Internet applications. In this context, are often installed undetected add-ons, which have a poor compatibility and so actually can be blamed as the cause for disorders of Firefox.

  • To locate the fault causing add-on, you have the option to start Firefox in Safe Mode. At this stage you can make settings within a menu. Here can be, for example, adds to disable, and this is a further measure to hunting for adds which may be responsible for an existing fault of Firefox.
  • If we fail to obtain in this way the problem under control, it is advisable to create the menu manager of Firefox, a completely new profile, which has all the default settings and therefore should run without interference. However, you must not forget to name the new menu accordingly.
  • Those who favor a more radical solution, which is recommended to remove the previously installed Firefox files on the Software Manager his computer To download following a fresh version of Firefox and install it. In individual cases, however, here also been a corresponding upgrade lead to the next higher version this program.

Firefox is one of the most popular Internet browser and convinces with a particularly extensive search function, which provides fast and accurate results.

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