I recommend: Sayings - Informative

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I recommend: Sayings - Informative

A casual Waving goodbye did not exist before!

Origin of phrase

found especially in older writings, books and films often the phrase "I recommend". At the present time this phrase only used a minority, to say goodbye. Mostly this is done then in an ironic or angry after a dispute form.

  • Especially in the 2nd half of the 18th century this phrase was used at social events. At that time, much emphasis was placed on etiquette and decorum in higher circles. Based on the language and the behavior was quickly recognized, who belonged to what stage. Thus, the respect for the others and the supernatant was expressed.
  • Since at this time often in the passive voice ( "Oh Lord, did he so nothing to tell?") ​​And above all very pretentious spoken before others, this fact was cumbersome expression. Later the phrase was replaced with greetings like "Ciao" or "Hello".

"I recommend" - meaning

  • In addition to a form of politeness, followed the phrase "I recommend" even a particular purpose. Firstly, the phrase reflected the etiquette, the state and the formation of farewell Transferee. On the other hand the farewell Participating made so that he remained after his departure in the memory of others.
  • He recommended to his education, his status and his label his opponent. This in turn recommended him in others. Over time, this form of courtesy was replaced by loose greetings that exist today in the German language. "Ciao" is itself still often used among teenagers.
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