iCarly: Carly's rooms - Buy Furniture

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iCarly: Carly's rooms - Buy Furniture

iCarly has lamps that are provided with gummy bears.

iCarly is a series in which it comes to a girl named Carly. Carly is very creative and has its own talent show on the Internet. but your creativity is also expressed through the presentation of their room. So she has as a chocolate waffle bench and large, plush bean bags. Coming to the same things that they did, unfortunately, is not so easy.

iCarly - Furniture from the USA

  • The Ice Cream Waffle Bench is the most striking piece of furniture in Carly's room. It comes from Jellio, a New York design shop for furniture. With 950 US dollars, the bank is very expensive. Moreover Jellio shipped no furniture - only is a supply within the city possible.
  • If you want the bank, so you need someone who will send them from the States. However, this is expensive: For bulky € 40 shipping are still low.
  • Other furniture Carly's room are from Jellio, such as the gummy lamps. If you want to buy in the store something, you must first send a message to the operator. Everything else will be clarified by mail. You can pay by PayPal.

More parts from Carly's room

Other parts of iCarlys rooms are easier to get.

  • The pink or the blue fluffy beanbag that Carly has in her room, you can buy on Amazon. There he can be had for around 40 €. A similar model, but for smoother fabric, Baur offers under the name "Billy".
  • Many other furniture in Carly's domicile are from IKEA, but were embellished by DiY. So come her bed and a wardrobe from the MANDAL series. The bed has been added, for example, a unique headboard. The cabinet has "Carly" repainted and provided with metal foil.
  • Otherwise, there are everywhere in the apartment, which she shares with her brother, metal lockers. These can be purchased in many furniture stores, among others, trends or IKEA.

It is not easy, but possible to put together a iCarly rooms.

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