Ice Watch - the outer ring using so

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Ice Watch - the outer ring using so

With some watches, you can stop the time.

The Ice Watch - stylish and practical

The Ice Watch is primarily known for their striking appearance, because they are there - unlike most other high-quality watches - many bright colors. But not only the look makes the clock, but also its many functions. One of them has to do with an outer ring, many people once can not classify the. When it comes also to you so, however, it is easy to remedy: A brief explanation will help classify the outer ring properly.

How to use the outer ring properly

  • The mysterious outer ring of the Ice Watch is not so mysterious - at least if one is diving, one knows exactly what it's all about.
  • With the ring, it is a fact possible, the time to stop. This is important for divers, because they need to know exactly because of their oxygen supply, as long as they are already under water.
  • Now it is so that the Ice Watch Although deemed waterproof, but not a real diver's watch is. Stop the time you can with it nonetheless.
  • This requires you to only the 0 on the ring put on your current time and you can use the display on the ring to see how the time goes from this point on.
  • This is for example useful when you write an exam, but if you do sports and after forty-five minutes would be ready.
  • However, please observe that you can only stop more than one hour using the PM, because then you end up logically come full circle.
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