Icelanders racing gallops - so calm a runaway horse

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Icelanders racing gallops - so calm a runaway horse

Who knows how to deal with through horses, can tackle any trail ride relaxed

Stay calm when the horse passes in canter

  1. First of all, you must try the nerves to preserve. Only if you yourself remain as calm as possible and act sensibly you have a chance to calm your horse.
  2. Work immediately with your voice. Talk soothingly with your horse, with soothing sounds as it otherwise would do when passing Parry Under no circumstances your excitement may be reflected in your voice, the horse would notice this immediately and be even more nervous.
  3. It is important that you do not have to go to your own relief in the lightweight seat if the horse racing, despite the probably very hard Glopps galloping, characterized you gave your horse more freedom of movement, so that it could further accelerate. Set up and sit deep in the saddle a. Bring your own weight on the hindquarters of the horse, so that there's more has to work and can absorb less speed. Without the raised seat you at a continuous horse, whether pony, Icelandic or large horse, hardly more opportunities for action.

Parade enter in through horses

  1. Try to make your Icelanders or your large horse alternately left and right, so that it becomes irritated and braked in the course. The action may in this situation be calm significantly more intense than in controlled connection.
  2. If the horse it is not or not sufficiently responsive, you must try to steer it in a Volte. This requires you to naturally have sufficient space available. Here you put your horse in one direction and ride the Volte getting smaller and smaller and smaller, until the animal comes to a halt. In a continuous horse you have to act very strongly; if it is too strong struggles against the reins, take the inside rein sharply, hold him firmly in hand and hold it with the same hand at the tack room firmly.
  3. If you realize that you have no more control over your runaway horse and will fall sooner or later, try the top to keep it until you've reached manageable and safe terrain. At a safe place, that is, where no logs, stones or the like lying on the ground, they can be controlled from a horse fall. Make sure that you have previously taken both feet out of the stirrups.
  • For other riders in a group in which passes a horse, is to never put a horse through nachgaloppieren to it may reach and stop. This frightened the horse would get the feeling that the flock follows him in his flight, and indeed there is a risk. When it noted instead that the herd remains, it can be rather calm by the rider.
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