ICQ History: location in Windows 7 to find out - how it works

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ICQ History: location in Windows 7 to find out - how it works

To find the course of their conversations.

ICQ is not only completely free, but has on the whole a very easy to use interface. Even inexperienced users should get the actual operation no major problems. If you use ICQ itself, so you certainly know how to have a conversation and how to add new contacts. A very useful, but relatively invisible function is to store the ICQ history.

ICQ saves its history very differently

  • Since the software ICQ on all Windows operating systems running smoothly, another location is used for the course also depending on the operating system.
  • Do you have the new operating system Windows 7, so the location of your course is definitely different than on Windows XP or Windows Vista.
  • Once you have found, however, the location of the ICQ history with Windows 7 once, you can create a useful shortcut to this folder.

To find the location of ICQ on Windows 7

Your history is stored in the form of a special file, which unfortunately can not be opened with the existing programs.

  1. First click with the left mouse button twice on your work, this can be found on your desktop or in the Start menu.
  2. Under Windows 7 ICQ is installed by default on your first hard disk (drive C :). For this reason you open this next drive in your workplace.
  3. Now open the folder "user" with another double and there appears among others your own user name. In this folder, the other folder "AppData", "Roaming" and "ICQ" have to be opened.
  4. Now your own ICQ number should appear as another folder and located in this folder Submitted history.
  5. The latest versions of ICQ are no longer as before for each contact a single entry and save the entire course in the "message.MDB" file. You can open then with an appropriate program, such as a free database browser.

Remember the best steps to your course or place for that location a shortcut on your desktop. How to find in the future with just a few clicks your ICQ History.

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