If a car paid for by the employment office? - Find out for special needs

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If a car paid for by the employment office?  - Find out for special needs

A car can be paid under strict conditions by the employment office.

When a car can be paid by the labor office

  • Basically, you should know that if you receive benefits from the employment office, have no right to have the Labour Office pays you a car. However, it may be that you III received for activation and vocational integration in accordance with ยงยง 44 to 47 Sozialgesetzbuch special needs. Then there is no legal entitlement, it is a discretionary decision of the employment office.
  • You can get paid for a car only when you need it to receive an employment relationship. This satisfies not a vague prospect of improved job opportunities, but you have to submit an offer of employment, which depends on the condition that you have a car.
  • If your concrete job offer must be a social insurance job.
  • When asserting special needs, can you be paid as a subsidy towards the cost of a car maximum of 2,500 euros. This is a cost aid. The labor office does not pay so the full price of your car.
  • Note that the amount of the acquisition cost support is based on the benefit. The greater the distance to the workplace and the worse the public transportation links, the higher your benefit.
  • This grant is a part of performance of your unemployment.

Who can the special needs register with the labor office?

  • So a car is paid by the job, please contact your agent at the employment office. Ask him. After a request for the special needs and explain that you have a specific job offer for a social security job, which is subject to the condition that you have a car
  • You must then fill out this application. You can do your clerk ask if something is unclear.
  • Then put in the job offer and a certificate of permanent employment by the employer.
  • You may then have to work, which is at least ten kilometers and there should be no public transportation links. Explain in writing and also include this document with this application.
  • So a car is paid by the job, then send the forms to your local clerk.
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