If a shower curtain washable? - Information regarding the proper cleaning

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If a shower curtain washable?  - Information regarding the proper cleaning

Also clean shower curtains.

Wash your shower curtain regularly and prolong the pleasure.

Textile shower curtain - washable at 30 degrees

  • With a shower curtain Textile you have any difficulties. It is machine washable and can withstand even ironing at low temperature. It is even helpful to smooth it with the iron. The surface is smooth again and not take so quickly to residues from the shower water.
  • A new shower curtain, like all textiles a sewn care instructions. This manufacturer's instructions to inform you whether and at what temperature the shower curtain is washable. It is best to look at the label, when the curtain is still new. The icons are still easy to read. Later, it may happen that the label is illegible.
  • At 30 degrees machine wash your shower curtain can not happen. Some are washable even at 40 degrees. Something mild detergent ensures a thorough cleaning. You do not need to wash separately in the machine the shower curtain also. A loose filling with other textiles not hurt him during the washing process.
  • At the bottom are often formed stubborn dark spots. The curtain is indeed machine washable, but these edges a washing machine is not always sufficient. You can these locations previously spray with very ordinary bathroom cleaner and brush out after a short exposure with a nail brush. Only then insert it into the washing machine and wash the rest.

Plastic shower curtain - conditionally washable

  • Plastic curtains are as popular as textile shower curtains. But they can not be washed in the same way. Again, that care details are really important. On the label you can see whether you have purchased a vinyl curtain that is also washable like a curtain made of textile. Some even hold out a wash cycle at 40 degrees.
  • But even a washable plastic curtain can be damaged in the washing machine. This is particularly true for shower curtains, printed with colorful motifs. It can happen in spite of all precautions that the motives or at least part of which disappeared after machine wash. For transparent curtains of course that is impossible and you can safely put in the washing machine.
  • Washable finally does not mean that your shower curtain needs to be cleaned necessarily Machine. You can clean hand him and it is not synonymous with a lot more effort. If you have a bath, soak it there just in a vinegar cleaner. You can also rub with a sponge and rinse with clean water at the end him.
  • Also a laundry in a filled with water and detergent plastic bowl or large bucket can withstand such a shower curtain well. Essigreiniger is therefore a good choice, because it disinfects. Put the shower curtain after Handwash simply a trouser and rinse it in your shower again from. On the outside, it can be dry thoroughly with a cloth before you hang it back on the shower rod.

Washable your shower curtain is definitely, just not always in the washing machine.

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