If child benefit tax-free? - Find out more about child benefit and tax credits

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If child benefit tax-free?  - Find out more about child benefit and tax credits

Child Benefit's tax-free.

Child benefit and the child tax credit you get any problems for your children up to the age of 18 years. It will be paid tax-free from the family budget.

Your income endanger child benefit

  • For older children, 18 years and you get child benefit and the child tax credit only if your child does not have an independent income, with which it can cover the costs of its maintenance or its vocational training itself.
  • The income limit is since 2010 at € 8,004. Here the-related expenses of € 1,000 (as of 2012) is considered. Does your child by traveling expenses or other work-related expenses (literature, tools, tuition fees) increase higher advertising costs than € 1,000, this tax-free income limit. Rent, food and tuition fees are already included in the threshold.
  • Also social security contributions paid by your child as an apprentice or for a summer job, are not regarded as income and must therefore be withdrawn just as business expenses from income.

Tax Office checks whether child allowance is cheaper

  • You get child benefit and child allowance is not doubled. The child tax credit affects the income tax to the extent as if the tax savings must be greater than the right to child benefit. The tax office checks of its own motion, which is better for you. If the allowance cheaper for you, the difference between income tax savings and ausgezahltem child support you will be automatically refunded by the tax office.
  • Usually child support is more beneficial for you. As a father with a child your tax rate would be about 34%, so you are better off with the allowance (€ 2,184 unmarried / € 4,368 married couples).
  • Live separately from your spouse, half of the child benefit will be deducted from your maintenance obligations and reduce your tax payable.

Benefits are tax-free

  • Since the child allowance is a social benefit and secures the existence of your child, it is tax-free.
  • It is also not subject to attachment. If a lender repossessing your account, you can request payment of child benefit from the bank within 14 days in.
  • Even better, when you set up your checking account as garnishment protection account. Given your bank is required when you apply for conversion within four weeks after the seizure measure.
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